Sunday, September 12, 2010

TN Trip

For our Labor Day holiday Bart and I decided to visit his family in Tennessee. We drove up on Friday and arrived around dinner time. Saturday we biked a little in their trails on their land and helped with the yard work. Sunday, Bart, Sterlynn, and I decided to drive to Virginia to go on a bike trail that I'd heard about from co-workers. It's called the Virginia Creeper Trail and is part of a rails-to-trails project. The trail is where the railroad used to run. There are even two old railroad stations, where passengers used to wait for the train, on the trail as stops where bikers can learn about the history of the trail and get snacks. We biked approximately 17 miles and had a great time. The trail is on a decline, so it's an easy ride.

On Monday, Sterlynn and I hiked up to Margarette Falls. I've been to TN many times, but this is the first I'd ever heard of this, so I knew I wanted to go. Also, this trip I vowed to keep active and having Sterl around was a great help with my goal.

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