Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

And I almost got it! The week after graduation Bart and I set off for Tennessee to spend the holiday with his family. We were so excited because his mom, dad, sister, Nana, and Gramp would be joining us this year. Weather reports kept telling us that snow was falling for a few days before we planned on leaving and I was so excited! Tinkerbell had her first experience with snow and I got to make my first snowman. Bart showed me with his expertise how to fashion a great snowman and he made a snowdog too! We had a great time because the snow was on the ground when we got there and made a speedy exit a day or two later. I was so worried about driving around on snowy roads and in the end had nothing to worry about. Here are some pictures of our fun at Christmas.

What's this stuff, mom? It's COLD!

Me rolling our snowman's bottom... and puppy getting the hang of being in the snow.

Bart's awesome snowdog and a family portrait. :)

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