Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding and Honeymoon

We had a wonderful wedding May 9, 2009 in downtown St. Augustine. Everything was perfect and we had a great time! Our amazing photographer, Corinna Hoffman, will put together a slide show of all of the pictures once she's finished with them. You can check out her website blog at

In the meantime... we have a cute picture (above) that our friends, Hope and Jason captured after we were pronounced man and wife, Mr and Mrs Bart Clendenin!!! YAY!

After the beautiful wedding and reception, we departed for our honeymoon on May 11th to Negril, Jamaica. We had an perfect honeymoon there. The resort exceeded our expectations, the people were so warm and friendly, and we even made new friends. We were so sad to leave and Bart even thought of throwing fit (like when he was a kid) before leaving! ;-)

We'll try to get pictures from our family and friends soon, but for now you can click on the link below for pics of the honeymoon.

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