Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm asking you all to remember a few people in your prayers:

Hope and her family: As some of you know Hope's son, Jaylon, was born a premie. He's been making great improvements with The Sharpe Family's continued faith and prayers. For 67 days Hope and Jaylon have been in Orlando at the Ronald McDonald House and the Florida Children's Hospital. Through the ups and downs their family has kept an amazing positive attitude through it all and their faith in God has been such an inspiration to those of us who are blessed to know them. Please pray that Jaylon's improvement continues and they are able to come home soon.

Jane (Bart's mom): she was diagnosed with breast cancer, had to have it removed and then went through chemotherapy once a month for 4 months. Through it all she has kept a wonderful outlook and been so positive. Please pray that the cancer stays out of her body and that her blood work continues to look good.

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