Sunday, June 8, 2008

Johnny's Journey to Victory

This is an excerpt from Johnny's Blog. Please join us in prayer for Scarlett's father and family as they go through this painful and difficult time. The link for his blog is in my links to the right.

"Today the oncologist told us that Johnny's lung cancer has been diagnosed malignant non-small cell lung cancer in stage 4. He recommends chemo therapy (which will not cure - only relieve symptoms and reduced the has entered the bloodstream and spread to the adrenal glands.)He will start tomorrow afternoon and every three weeks for 3 sessions then evaluate progress after that with a pet scan. The prognosis is 6-12 months with the chemo and 2-3 months left without treatment.

This is a very difficult day for Johnny, Scarlett, and me, spent in tears of shock and unbelief. We have not called anyone yet except Mom and Dad to tell the news. We want to wait. Today we rallied together as we have weathered every other past crisis in our lives and spent alot of time hugging and praying as we strengthen our faith. We have cried our eyes out together and allowed ourselves a one day pity party. Now we are ready to face this giant and give the ole devil a boot in his pants!"


Scarlett Lillian said...

Hey girl! I just saw the mention of my dad on your blog. Thank you sooooo much for putting the prayer request out there. We should find out next week after some more tests if the chemo is working to reduce the cancer cells or not. Thank you for your continued prayer!

Jennifer said...

You're so welcome, Scarlett. Your family and their continued faith is such an inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure of reading your father's blog.