Sunday, June 28, 2009

2nd Mate to Chief Mate, then Captain...

Bart has definitely had a very busy couple of weeks. He's been down in Dania Beach studying for his Chief Mate/ Captain test. Two weeks of studying and 3 days of testing. He had nine modules to complete and on Wednesday I got the call that he just completed the test and PASSED! I'm so proud of my husband and so excited for his accomplishments! As soon as his license comes in the mail he'll be able to go back to work. I'll definitely miss him. After a year of time at sea with his C/M license he'll be able to upgrade his documents to Captain! Did I mention how proud of him I am? :-)

During the three weeks he was gone I was pretty busy myself. I decided to surprise Bart the first weekend and went down to visit him after getting off of work on Friday early. We had a great weekend together and saw some friends while down there too. The rest of my time at home I juggled working with my own sprucing up of the house. I re-painted the bathroom, put together a cabinet for above the toilet, and re-tiled the floor. It's a much nicer area now that I'll be able to live with until we actually remodel that room. I also re-painted the dining room. For those of you who know I've never warmed up to the green in there, so now it's a nice neutral (oatmeal on top, antique on bottom) room. Bart was very appreciative of my efforts and was very impressed, especially with the bathroom, with my work.

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